June 21, 2010

A dream came true today - I met with Christel Alsos!

I cannot believe that this is happening! I met Christel at the ELLE party earlier this month and I was stunned by her beauty. I approached her and told her what her music means to me and said that if she was ever interested in some profile pictures it would be an honor for me to take them. So... Now... A couple of weeks later here I am, sitting in Hegdehaugsveien having a coffee with one of my biggest inspirations & stars...I can´t seem to wrap my head around this! 
We discussed a shoot we are having later this week and I can´t wait to see the outcome:) You will of course get to see it as well!

The first time I saw Christel was on Skavlan (click here), she blew me away with the softness of her voice and the gentleness of her beeing. I have experienced so much love & hurt to her music, she is to me one of the biggest Norwegian musicians of all times. Click here or here to see more of her stuff!
Too sum it all up - 
this has truly been an amazing day & I am high on life!!!

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