June 22, 2010

Mr. Henrik Thodesen!

So to follow up on the meetings I told you about earlier, I met with Henrik Thodesen today (you know him best from "Torsdag kveld fra Nydalen") at Nighthawk Diner. Taking pics of a profiled comedian like Henrik, is beyond my wildest imagination and I consider this a great honor. We discussed a photo shoot this week and the ideas - they are AWESOME! It´s gonna be so much fun working with this guy!
It´s true, he really is funny;)
Seriously, how am I supposed to react to this? This is huge for me! Stay tuned for cool pics, but in the meantime here´s one I took today;) The last pic a friend of Henrik took of the two of us - LOVES IT!
Too see some of his work click here or here!

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