June 16, 2010

TERJE EVENSEN: «Still You. You Still here»

Finally my dear friend Terje has released his solo album! I took the pics for the cover a while back:)

Terje Evensen, drummer and sound designer, has worked with artists like Nils Petter Molvær, Martin France and Tim Harries, but now for the first time, he has chosen to go solo.
Of the album, Evensen says:
"This album has come out of necessity. A strong expression within music and art, has always been important to me and I needed to explore the possibilities and see how far I could go"

Details about this release....
The Berlin-based music platform «fonorum» has developed a whole new form of publishing music – an avant-garde alternative to today's net-publishing. When Evensen became aware of this development, he decided to publish his solo album "Still you. You still here" on this cutting edge platform.

The album will be for sale in high-fidelity quality on Bugge Wesseltofts new webshop, www.gubemusic.com 
Press has said:
“Terje has a unique production style and an ear for pleasant surprises”
Chris Koff - Sound on Sound

”Evensen is a sensitive player, and his contributions subtly reinforce some of the rhythmic aspects of the music without ever slipping into a flat-out groove.”
Brain Marley – The Wire

”This is nightmarish, futuristic ambient jazz, full of brooding throbs and clanking electronics courtesy of Norwegian programmer Terje Evensen.”
Kartan Mackness – Time Out

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