September 15, 2010


I still can´t shake the feeling from the documentary I saw yesterday...
The story about Jonestown, the massacre, the tragedy!
Over 900 people led into certain death, women as well as children, by the founder of Peoples Temple Agricultural Project - Jim Jones.
A certain photo left me feeling heartbroken & torn. 
All the tears that I cried during the awakening to this reality could never measure up to this horrible horrible proof that mankind is his own worst enemy.
I apologize for the strong image you are about to see, but let´s be honest...
This actually happened! And we should not forget!

This is for the little souls that did not have a choice nor the possibility to protest. They were torn from their mothers loving arms and murdered, cold hearted.

This is for the big souls that did have a choice but did not know better...

This is for the survivors, through you we get perspective &
 your loved ones will never be forgotten.
Your story remains as a constant reminder that what we do to others we do to ourselves!

So lets be kind, lets be humble, lets give love and show respect.
Only a few guidelines to make a better future!
I am still a believer, after all....

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