October 1, 2010

The nude challenge!

Many of you have seen nude pics... 
Some of you have seen good nudes and a few of you have seen amazing nudes! 
First of all I have to say that we don´t all share the same taste and perspective when it comes to this category (as in all categories actually) but this particular category is extremely delicate!

Can we see it for what is really is? 
To me the body is art, it is a miracle and it IS our temple! 
You get only one and there are limits for what you can do to change it. 
In a day where nip/tuck & Botox is socially accepted I am frightened for what will happen 20 years from now. 
Where will we end up & HOW?!

Wrinkles, scars & baby weight is to me the real beauty
A few years ago I said I would never even consider doing anything to fix my exterior, but as I am getting older 
(closing in on thirty, but still holding on to my twenties)
I have to be honest enough to admit... Maybe one day??

I am, as all others, constantly affected & shaped by the still growing 
pressure to hang on to my youth.
Hopefully I will be strong enough not to succumb to the social acceptance that looking like a cat (or any other animal for that sake...)at the age of 50 is okay! 
Actually - I can guarantee that THAT will never happen!

So now that I have access to three amazing studios & all the equipment 
I can possibly dream of I am embarking on the nude challenge! 
I need models, all shapes & sizes & colors!!!
I need the practice, meaning you get the pics for free.

What my models are feeling and going through emotionally in front of the camera
 I want to experience for myself.
I want you to feel comfortable and relaxed - AND BEAUTIFUL!!!
Because that makes the best pictures....

So to prepare for this challenge I am being photographed myself - YES NUDE!


I WAS thinking - 
"How hard can it be?!"
"All I have to do is take my clothes of in front of a stranger"
(which I don´t usually do btw!!)
"Get a hold of yourself & toughen up women & just do it!"
"Girl power or whatever..."

NOW I am thinking - 
"Oh shit... It´s scheduled, you can´t back out now!"
"I changed my mind!!!"
"No no no!!!"

We are off course talking about classy, delicate, black&white photos!
And I will most definitely never show you the outcome of my nude shoot, but I will gladly share the thoughts & feelings before, while shooting & after!

But I have decided to do this! 
This is for my models, this is for me. 
Stretching my own limits for the greater good and in the name of MY temple!

I am taking the challenge! Will you???
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