November 30, 2010

Too much BABY/LOVE?

After looking through many of my previous posts I realize that there is a lot of BABY/LOVE going around and so I am thinking…… Is it to much? 

You, reading my blog, are being bombarded with love, loves and more loves;  babies by the dozen and so much optimism. 

So I now feel, after experiencing this realization, I have to share!

This doesn't mean that I have bad news, it only means that I want to shed some light.

So guess what? I am tired! I am soooooo tired! I have been working like a mad man!!!

But a warrior of light always remembers the goal. Always. 

Keep your eye on the prize... 

So what is the prize then?  

What is my goal?

Well, I want to share this as well. My goal is to become one of Norway's best female photographers (it is currently dominated by men, in case you did not know.) And yes, I know that I am aiming high! But I WANT to aim high and I want to be all that I can be. 

My plan to get there is simple. I have fairly high expectations of my self (now that is an understatement!), so I will focus on performing out of love for what I do and I will be dedicated and proactive.

After many years working in some of Norway`s biggest & most renown firms I have build up quite the tool box. It includes: stamina, an eye for high quality, tolerance in regards to long working hours, and several others (thank you to the companies - you know who you are). And all the years working with these beautiful people made me realize that it was leading up to this very moment. I don't think I could have done it without the experience I now have. I finally made my choice based on all the years of hard work in combination with my passion. Actually - strike that! I didn't have a choice. The heart wants what it wants, right?

The fact that I am so bloody positive all the time is simply due to the fact that I chose to follow my dream, that's all!!

So I am concluding this post by saying;

I can try to use different words, but there will always be a whole lotta BABY/LOVE!

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