December 9, 2010

Atle Pettersen - his sex is on fire!

Remember this guy?
Introducing the winner (most likely) of X-Factor 2010-
  I met up Atle yesterday evening to discuss a shoot we are doing in a couple of weeks.
Man - this guy is rock & roll all the way!
He is pushing my comfort zone & I am loving it!
We are talking a shoot with flames & ice...Am I in over my head? 
I think not...It´s going to be LEGENDARY!!!
He is booked solid from morning to night these days & so I am very grateful he took time to meet me.

  In regards to X-Factor he told me that he was surprisingly calm.
How is that even possible??? 
Have you ANY idea how many people is watching this show?
He will be performing one of my personal favorites - 
Kings of Leon "Sex on Fire" on Friday´s show.
More sweet tunes to come on Saturday. 

I will definitely be there with my camera;)

I have a very good feeling about this rockstar...
Good luck Atle - go kick some ass and take that trophy home to Skien!!!:)

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