December 16, 2010

Remember Mr.X - I shot him!

Introducing the great Bjørn Opsahl!
This fall I was so lucky to be invited to assist Bjørn at a couple of shoots.
This is by far one of the biggest things that has ever happened to me in regards to photography.

To work with this guy on set is MAGIC!
You instantly see the gift he has in terms of lighting, scouting for locations, taking the pics & communicating with the model.

He has for many years educated aspiring Photographers and that way passing the torch.

He has taken pics of many of the worlds biggest stars; Kat Von D, Christina Milian, Madcon, Nick Cave, Skin, Bono, Fugees, the list goes on and on....

You should know that he is one of Norway`s most profiled & respected Photographers.

Bjørn, if you read this; it was an honor! 
And I hope to assist you again:)

Really like the pics I took of him in action!

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