May 28, 2010


Took some pics of one of my girls some time ago - Wazzzzzup pussycat?!

Thank you for the inspiration Kylie & Millais!

Morbid & Classy!
The music video to the song "Were the wild roses grow" is one of the most beautiful music videos´ever made, that´s my opinion anyways...
The lighting is perfect!!

May 27, 2010

Helmut Newton....Be still my heart!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE his pics! 

Powerful, raw and provocative...

Dilsa - the rising star!

You did not know this but in addition to being my best friend and true love the girl with the golden voice is about to enter the stage in Bergen. 
I predict that this is only the beginning of the adventures for Dilsa Calimli. 

Make sure you vote for THIS rising star....

Here are some pics I took of her a couple of years ago. 
Talk about having it all!!

17th of May

Have you seen the national costumes?! They are beautiful!
My girls and I:)

May 10, 2010

My fierce sister & the Vietnamese James Dean!

Commercial photos taken for a friend of mine who runs the coolest hair saloon in Skien.
In the picture Binh Vo Thanh (the owner himself) 
and my (not so litle anymore...) sister.

Loving the color scheme!

My beautiful friend Bente:)

Taken in her bedroom with limited lighting(meaning ordinary lamps & flashlight....)

Terry O´Neil - a constant source of inspiration!

Photo by: Terry O´Neil

His b&w photos never gets old, the simplicity and elegance make them immortal, and make them (to me) a constant source of great inspiration! 

Check out his portraits of 
Isabella Rossellini and Bridget Bardot:

May issue of Henne 2010

I´m so proud of my good friend Pia Haugseth (and myself....;) )!

May 8, 2010


Beautiful Alev in a Pia Haugseth original "Annie"

Published again!:)

Went out to celebrate my publication at yesterday, when I found out that my pictures for the Pia Haugseth collection got published in the last issue of "Henne" as well! This is insane!!!:)I´m just soooo happy...maybe I have to celebrate today also??!;) 

May 7, 2010

May 6, 2010


Here we go...

My love for photography started at an early age, but it wasn´t until I got a "real" camera the magic began. The love affair has lasted almost a decade and is still going strong...
To me it´s about the moments, the feelings and the never ending beauty.

I hope you enjoy my pics!

Go to my website; for extended portfolio.

Anne Elisabeth