June 30, 2010


My summer holiday has started & first thing on the agenda was going back to my roots.
Here´s a pic of Mini and Bakkestranda. Less is more!

Edit and inspiration!

Went to the bookstore today, looking for inspiration while I´m still working on the shoots from last Saturday (bachelorette x 2).
LOVE this wall! This is home to me...

And while I was there I found this;
My birthday is coming up... ;)

June 24, 2010

Todays shoot

I spent the day with Henrik Thodesen in Frognerparken. It was marvellous:)
To sum it all up; I have been laughing so hard I´ll live until I´m 100 years old, a balloon will never be the same & Mini is for certain scarred for life...

Waiting for Henrik...

Waiting for Henrik at home. We are starting of with some portraits and then shooting outside. 
Hope it doesn´t start to rain!
While I´m waiting I´m enjoying a hot cup of tea:)

Terje stopped by yesterday evening to take some new portraits for his album. And he gave me these business cards. Cool yeah? Branding branding branding....

1000 HITS!!!:)

One week after adding a counter to my blog (actually at 4:30 pm today...) I hit 1000! It´s fantastic!! And here I was thinking no one was reading it! Thanx for paying attention you guys:) 

June 23, 2010

Christel and Mother Nature

I met Christel today at St.Hanshaugen to take some portraits. The water is still to cold, so we decided to wait with the shoot (mentioned earlier today) until end of July. Getting to know this singer even better I find her easy going and harmonious. She has this calming effect and her green eyes are mesmerizing. 
I can´t help but falling completely in love with her essence... 

Looking forward to seeing the outcome of todays shoot!
Here´s a picture I took of her today in the park:)

And the learning curb is steep!

My plans for today were bullet proof - or so I thought. They included sun and Christel in the water...Yeah - and now it´s clouded! Not happy right now, but have to think of something...Plan B - are you on your way? Texting with Christel as we speak and hoping for a another solution!

June 22, 2010

And the good news just keeps on coming!!

After mailing back & forth with TV2, they called me today and informed me that they want me to be the official photographer at the X-Factor Bootcamp in August! I am speechless... And so so HAPPY!!!! I will update you as we go along;)

Mr. Henrik Thodesen!

So to follow up on the meetings I told you about earlier, I met with Henrik Thodesen today (you know him best from "Torsdag kveld fra Nydalen") at Nighthawk Diner. Taking pics of a profiled comedian like Henrik, is beyond my wildest imagination and I consider this a great honor. We discussed a photo shoot this week and the ideas - they are AWESOME! It´s gonna be so much fun working with this guy!
It´s true, he really is funny;)
Seriously, how am I supposed to react to this? This is huge for me! Stay tuned for cool pics, but in the meantime here´s one I took today;) The last pic a friend of Henrik took of the two of us - LOVES IT!
Too see some of his work click here or here!

June 21, 2010

A dream came true today - I met with Christel Alsos!

I cannot believe that this is happening! I met Christel at the ELLE party earlier this month and I was stunned by her beauty. I approached her and told her what her music means to me and said that if she was ever interested in some profile pictures it would be an honor for me to take them. So... Now... A couple of weeks later here I am, sitting in Hegdehaugsveien having a coffee with one of my biggest inspirations & stars...I can´t seem to wrap my head around this! 
We discussed a shoot we are having later this week and I can´t wait to see the outcome:) You will of course get to see it as well!

The first time I saw Christel was on Skavlan (click here), she blew me away with the softness of her voice and the gentleness of her beeing. I have experienced so much love & hurt to her music, she is to me one of the biggest Norwegian musicians of all times. Click here or here to see more of her stuff!
Too sum it all up - 
this has truly been an amazing day & I am high on life!!!

Gine vs. Amy

Thank you Amy W for the inspiration!

Two very exciting meetings today...

On my way out for two very interesting meetings!! It´s gonna be awesome:) I´ll update you later....
But let me tell you this much - it is a dream come true...!

June 19, 2010

Bachelorette x 2!

Had two shoots today. Two bachelorotte parties with loads of girls tipsy on champagne! It was FUN! 
Started the day with the perfect breakfast, then had the first shoot with Mana in a super sexy racing outfit on a Ferrari & on a motorcycle.  
Took a break between jobs with my friend Stine and had to show you guys what I gave her for X-mas a couple of years ago. 

Took the last shoot in a studio and I can tell you now - it was hot;)
I will update you later with pics! 

Häagen Dazs - Dulche de Leche

Feeling totally exhausted so I decided to treat myself with my favorite ice cream - Yummy yummy get in my tummy!!

June 18, 2010

It´s official - I have left BCG...

Working in BCG for three years has given me tremendous insight! I have learned plenty and I am proud to have worked with the nicest people in the world...Going to miss it, but at the same time I am positive for what the future holds! 
Hold on to your hats - it´s going to be a fun ride!!!

Shot some of the things I am going to miss the most;
My roomie Silje - she is the sweetest little thing I ever saw! 
Thank you for always being there for me and all the gossip we shared;)
The coffee machine - thank you for providing those sweet drops of caffeine!
Couldn´t have done it without you...
My desk and PC! Wow - it´s been a great ride!!!

June 17, 2010

Breathe...Observe & enjoy!

Enjoying a well deserved day off:) There are so many things happening in my life right now, it felt good taking a well deserved break at Aker Brygge. My dog Mini was off course there also, relaxing in the sun!

Tuesday´s shoot

It was a marvellous day Tuesday! Did my shoot and I´m pleased with the result:) I will update with the actual outcome later... In the meantime; here are some shots of me in action;

June 16, 2010

TERJE EVENSEN: «Still You. You Still here»

Finally my dear friend Terje has released his solo album! I took the pics for the cover a while back:)

Terje Evensen, drummer and sound designer, has worked with artists like Nils Petter Molvær, Martin France and Tim Harries, but now for the first time, he has chosen to go solo.
Of the album, Evensen says:
"This album has come out of necessity. A strong expression within music and art, has always been important to me and I needed to explore the possibilities and see how far I could go"

Details about this release....
The Berlin-based music platform «fonorum» has developed a whole new form of publishing music – an avant-garde alternative to today's net-publishing. When Evensen became aware of this development, he decided to publish his solo album "Still you. You still here" on this cutting edge platform.

The album will be for sale in high-fidelity quality on Bugge Wesseltofts new webshop, www.gubemusic.com 
Press has said:
“Terje has a unique production style and an ear for pleasant surprises”
Chris Koff - Sound on Sound

”Evensen is a sensitive player, and his contributions subtly reinforce some of the rhythmic aspects of the music without ever slipping into a flat-out groove.”
Brain Marley – The Wire

”This is nightmarish, futuristic ambient jazz, full of brooding throbs and clanking electronics courtesy of Norwegian programmer Terje Evensen.”
Kartan Mackness – Time Out

June 14, 2010

Shoot tomorrow!

Finally the packing can begin! It´s not Africa, Malaysia or somewhere exotic, it´s Oslo...but to me this is as exciting as the tropical & wild! My biggest shoot so far, is going down tomorrow on a private location. Everything is planned, prepared & charged, so all I have to do now is take the best photos I have ever taken!
Praying for good weather = no rain and no wind!


Ps - how lucky am I to have this model in front of the camera tomorrow?!
Alev Boyar for Pia Haugseth S2010

June 12, 2010

Asthor AS

Check out the pics on their website. Asthor is of of my clients and I think the sepia tone gives the pictures the right professional look, 
with a dash of style & class.

June 11, 2010

Friday evening with aperture, magz & melancholy:)

Work, work, work & all play! Hearing rumors about a football champion something & parties, 
but I can´t be bothered... I am totally in the zone & loving it! Listening to my spotify playlist which includes Antony & the Johnsons, Lenny Kravitz, Jeff Buckley, Ane Brun, Tina Turner, Christel Alsos and Alanis Morissette + other favorites.
Adding one of my favorites...I can actually feel the pain & sorrow!

Antony & the Johnsons
"Cripple and the Starfish"

Mr. Muscle forcing bursting
Stingy thingy into little me, me, me
But just "ripple" said the cripple
As my jaw dropped to the ground
Smile smile

It's true I always wanted love to be
And it's true I always wanted love to be
Filled with pain
And bruisesYes, so Cripple-Pig was happy

Screamed " I just compeletely love you!
And there's no rhyme or reason
I'm changing like the seasons
Watch! I'll even cut off my finger
It will grow back like a Starfish!

Mr. Muscle, gazing boredly
And he checking time did punch me
And I sighed and bleeded like a windfall
Happy bleedy, happy bruisy

I am very happy
So please hit me
I am very happy
So please hurt me

I'll grow back like a Starfish

Doing my homework!

Preparing Tuesday´s shoot and have picked up styling with my sister. 
It´s gonna be awesome!! Flipping through magazines for inspiration.
Brainstorming like a madman, tired like a soldier, 
but happy like never before...Chirp chirp:)

June 9, 2010

Feeling blue?

Took this in Bratislava some years ago.
Loving the flow & infinity!

Bella ragazza

My dear friend Anne Irene Migliosi Nilssen
Photo by me oc!
This is what you get when you mix Italian & Norwegian blood 

I take family photos as well -

Took these for a friend of mine this winter. 
Children (multiple!) are hard to catch on film in the perfect moment, but I am pleased with the results and did learn that when you are shooting toddlers you should look through your lens at all times and take as many pictures as possible!

June 7, 2010

ELLE summer party 2010 - What an evening I had!

Wow! My evening was packed with models, jocks, rockers, 
vj´s, fashionistas...
You name it!
As I choose to be a professional, I have to dress the part, that´s why I just had to wear my highest heels... Although my eyes was tearing up at 11pm from sheer pain - I was one happy camper! 

Go to ELLE.no to see the clean cut pics or my favorites edited below.