January 24, 2011

Love & Other drugs!

In a time when my inspiration is going overkill I get these episodes...
How can I explain?!

I guess it´s like a drug!

The inspiration (=LOVE) & the idea (=DRUG) together makes me feel sooooo alive!
And they explode, leaving me acting like this...

I read somewhere (doing my research) that if you are a blogger you should do a video of yourself dancing or doing something ridiculous.

I thought about these instructions and took them into consideration - hence this video.

ps - the reason why I am running like a girl is because the floor is very slippery 
(if you would please believe me!)

And also for those of you who do not speak Norwegian;
"Raptus" cannot be translated into anything else than having a seizure in a very energetic & happy way!

I can assure you it was one KICK ASS idea I just came up with!!!;)

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