January 26, 2011

One of my favourite places...

How does one stay alert in such busy times?

Everyday I work at Kolonihaven Studio and when I get home I try to focus on me as a Photographer.
Let me assure you... It really is busy times!

If I´m not having a shoot, I am either planning one or doing retouch, networking or booking meetings!
Not to mention trying to have a social life...

Prioritizing is a virtue... Those who said patience is a virtue were only partly right! 
At least this seems to be the case for me....

It has been said that when one door closes another opens. 
And sometimes you just have to kick it down!

I am kicking at the moment! I am huffing and puffing it down! 

But sometimes you have to kick back and relax too.

This section of a book store in Oslo is one of my favorite places.
Here I am at the liberty of zoning out and going of the radar and being consumed by the great masters and their work <3

I can´t copy them, I won´t even try! But it´s like therapy!!!
The pics are all so beautiful... And they have such a calming effect on me...

When I leave this place I am filled with humility and respect. 
And off course - INSPIRATION!!!

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