February 26, 2011

I should explain!

I should explain why I have not added the outcome of my latest projects.
The reason why I am holding back is because I will do my best to sell them.
So I can not release them to the public.
If I manage to sell them I will off course post them so that you can see what I have been working on, but not until they have been released by the potential buyer. 
Sorry about this, but there are certain rules I have to follow...
In the mean time you have to be satisfied with behind the scenes pics and movies.
Believe me I will do my best to make sure that I give you the very best that I can possibly give you.

Too sum up my last 8 days of working non stop;

Last Saturday I had a shoot with Guri Solberg
The theme was rock chic - I wanted to show Guri in a more private way.
How is she when she is when she´s not in front off the camera.

Sunday we had a fashion shoot.
Unfortunately I can not reveal the theme, but we were in total 6 people working to make it all come together the best way we could. The shoot took 9 hours and we were all very tired after the day was over!

Tuesday I had a private shoot.
A friend needed portrait pics for her 30th birthday.
I will post some pics from this next week;)

Wednesday I had a nude shoot.
A beautiful lady with a feminine gorgeous body to die for!
I will posts some pics from this shoot as well:)
Also the stylist, Sol, from Sundays shoot and I picked out the pics from the fashion shoot. 
About 2000 pics, so needless to say, we spent a few hours choosing and rating our favorites!

Thursday I took pics of Rachel Nordtømme in her training gear.
A beautiful girl this Rachel... 
Her blog represent everything I love! 
A strong independent woman with a goal!
She doesn´t blog about make up and all the typical things.
She gives us a true picture of her day to day life with a focus on her passion for sports.
Also, one of the photographers at work (Espen Schive) did a shoot, this time with me in front off the camera - 
weird feeling, but lots of fun:) 
I will show some pics from this as well.

Friday - rested after work (finally)!

Today - I went to the gym - working on my fitness (like Fergie says) and at this very moment I am sitting at my favorite cafe writing this post. 
I have done four different types of retouch on one of the pics from the fashion shoot. So that the stylist and myself can choose the vibe together.
And I have selected the final pics from my shoot with Rachel, the nude shoot and the portrait shoot I had.


In total I have taken about 4500 pics this week. 
I have ALOT of work to do. Both with choosing the final pics and the retouch.

I was planning a huge shoot tonight as well, but it got postponed due to the snowing.
We were supposed to shoot outside and this weather just wont do!

Off course I worked at Kolonihaven as well, so in total, I have worked about 80 hours the last 8 days.
I feel exhausted but totally ZEEEEEEEEEEN!!!!

Can´t wait to enjoy a dinner with my lovely ladies this evening:)

Have a great weekend!!!


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