February 16, 2011

True love...

I love this picture and there are many reasons for it.
It is so untraditional!!

I guess you might be thinking what is the story behind this picture?

Well the two lovely ladies are two of my closest and dearest friends.
Yes, they got married to each other!

And I have to say, bad as cigarettes are and how highly inappropriate the are in a wedding picture, the lovely couple insisted.

Needless to say;
These girls are pioneers and warriors.

"Hey, we love Marlboros, let´s make it fun and include them in one of the shots!" 

The fact that same gender marriage is still frowned upon is COMPLETE BULLSHIT!!!
It shouldn´t be...

I have seen the love in their eyes and how they glow in each others presence!

This is not an easy road travelled!

This was a fight for love.
Because love sees no boundaries.

Love sees only love!

This is a shout out to my girls - 
I salute your strength & dedication for each other and for the love.

With or without cigarettes you still look amazing in this shot!
Thank you for letting me take the wedding pictures and inviting me, as a photographer, in too see the love behind the curtain - 
it meant the world to me <3

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