February 14, 2011

Vixen Blog Awards from behind the scenes

I thought I should share my experience with you.
How it felt being one of the finalists:)

It was an extremely hectic day & it was filled with nerves!

Imagine this....
Sitting in a room filled with 1200 people.
You know that ANY minute now they will announce the category photo blog.
You know that when they do you will start to hyperventilate & and feel a fainting sensation.

As expected - the nerves hit in!
As expected I felt a shortage of breath!
As expected everything went silent!

Suddenly my name appears and everyone starts applauding (as they off course did for the other finalists 2)!
Knowing that if I win this, I have to go on stage and give my speech.

I was a nervous wreck!

You already  know that I did not win.
But I was so happy for Kari Kjølseth:)
She is a great photographer!!
Well deserved!

But I did get a goody bag - wohooooo - a huge one!
My sister had to take it home with her because it was to big to take with me to the after party at "Fisk&Vilt".

There was a party....
A big one!
So big that I spend two days with headaches & feeling a tad under the weather.
But it was soooooooo worth it!!
Had the best time:)
I won´t bore you with the details... ;)

Thank you SO much for all your support & love! 
It really does mean the world to me <3

Thank you Line Dybwad Olsen for contributing with this picture!!

I also did a bit of retouch on a few of my favorites that I posted  on Thursday.

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