February 8, 2011

Winners or losers?

The blog awards are coming up...tomorrow... 
And it has got me thinking about the outcome of it all.

I am not one of those extremely humble people that will tell you that I don´t care about winning or losing.

Off course I care!
Off course I want to win!

Four strong candidates next to me, going after the prize.

This is so exciting!!!!:)
Good luck to us all:)

As one of the finalists of the Photo Blog category I have been labelled.
Photo blogger. 
This is what I do - This is who I am:) 

But look beyond the blog awards for now.

I don´t like being labelled as something that I do not recognise myself as.
Unless you know someone, really know someone, why should you ever label them?

Who gets to decide?
 And who makes
 the rules?

Have you ever stopped to think about the following fact;
We all need assurance...
We all doubt ourselves at some point in our lives...
And we all need approval!

Raise your hand if you do not recognise the following statements as fact and please contact me on;
because if you don´t see this or if you can HONESTLY say that you have 

never felt this, I need to talk to you ASAP!

 So my question to you is (like previously stated):
Who gets to decide?
Who is making the rules?

Who decides if you are in or out?

Isn´t it time that we evolve past labels?

Last summer I attended the WeekEnd party of Oslo Fashion Week.

(I believe this to be the best example I have)
While nipping on my cocktail and enjoying a nice conversation, 
the music got turned off and apparently there was something happening entertainment-wise.
didn´t quite get it, when a grown man in a creepy mask got up into the spotlight asking through the mic:

"are you in
are you out?"

What a weird question...
I still don´t understand it!

But still - he said it.
And even worse;
here I am repeating it!

Since he said it;
I´m guessing it´s fashion...?

Since I repeated it;
I am totally missing the point!

Isn´t this a form of labelling?
Like there are certain 
criteria that you must have, or attain -
`cause if not - you must be out!!?

We are pack animals.
Nobody want to be left outside.
This is basic psychology!

If 100 sheep stood on a bridge and one started to jump, the rest would follow.

If 100 
human beings stood on a bridge and started to jump,
would the rest follow?
Would you follow?
Or would you dare to have your own opinion & stay?
Would you dare to have your own strength and power?
I am guessing the latter!

If you should be the last one standing would this be so bad?
Even if it does mean that you are "out"?
(and probably "sooooo 2000&late")

We all have a strong connection between what we feel in our hearts and what goes on in our mind.
Therefore, it is all so simple from the inside.

Sometimes we don´t see the consequence of our actions, 

and sometimes we see the consequence but still keep on acting.

Our worst enemy is in fact:

Nobody can decide if you are a winner or a loser, 

except yourself.

And surely no one should be able to decide if you should be "in or out"!

So I will conclude this post by saying;
Congratulations - You won!

You are a winner and have always been!
That goes for all of us...
And don´t forget to pay it forward <3

I know that this post can be considered a cliche.
It probably is.
But that doesn´t make it less true...

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