March 28, 2011

1000 Bodies Project!

One of the photographers at Kolonihaven Studio started this project with an idea.
1000 bodies - one shot!
Kenneth Sortland Myklebust is the photographer and mastermind behind the project that he started in January.
His goal - 1000 bodies!

The models get one shot.
They are naked in the studio, alone, with a remote control to the camera.
And did I mention - no retouch?

You can read more about the project HERE!

Is this art or "just" photography?
Or is this a sweet symbiosis of the two?

It is a new concept,
you have certain rules while at the same time there are none.
Can´t wait to see how this story unfolds!

Oh and did I mention, I think this project is &%$#$% awesome?!

If you would like to participate please go to:
for contact information and for Kenneth´s blog and portfolio.

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