March 2, 2011

No comment?!

Let it be said;
See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil!!

So why don´t I have a comment field?
My initial thought was to be true to what I wanted to write about and not be affected by the comments people leave. 
It didn´t matter what you wrote....

Now, almost one year later I feel tempted to open the comment field.
Or at least I did.
It does matter what you write, feel and mean.
Your feedback is of great value to me!

Unfortunately we now live in a world where harassment and judgement is flying high!
I have read through many comment fields on other blogs and what people is writing is COMPLETELY shocking!!! 
WTF is going on????

95% of the comments are sweet and nice - amazing even!
But what about the remaining 5%?
Why would you ever read a blog if you are hating? 
Some people are leaving comments that makes my gut turn.
This is bullying on a new level - and anonymous even... 
Go and grow a couple and at least leave your name!

I posted this picture as a reminder.
Treat others like you want others to treat you!

This is an appeal to the bullies;
I know it´s difficult to "see no evil" and "hear no evil", but when it comes to "speak no evil" we all have a choice.
Pay it forward and think twice next time you open your mouth!

And for the rest of you lovely people;
If you have questions or requests - send me an email:)
I cherish your opinion and I am grateful for your support.
It truly does mean the world to me <3

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