March 29, 2011

Oslo by night - #1

Since I have a lot of readers abroad I thought I should give you a taste of Oslo, from my point of view.
Took a long walk the other day and brought my camera along with me.

When I was younger I swore I would never move to Oslo, I didn´t like the town at all!
But then, at the age of 22, I followed love and moved to the concrete city.
The relationship did not last but my affair with Oslo is still as romantic as ever.

Too you, my beautiful Oslo;
You have given me so much!
You have given me memories, a career, lifelong friendships,
and most importantly...
It was here I opened my mind.
It was here I found my greatest love;

I am forever grateful and if it is up to me this love affair will continue for decades to come <3

In these photographs I focused on:
- Black and whites
- Long exposure
- High ISO

I like these pictures!
Dark and a lot of grains <3

I hope you like them as well!
I will be posting them one by one;) 

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