March 23, 2011

Planing a shoot with Anine Stang:)

So here you have it:)
Finally, Tuesday evening, I met up with Anine & we did a bit of brainstorming while sipping on a cup hot chocolate.

She is the cutest of the cutest and such a pleasure to talk with!


The shoot is scheduled to take place in about one month from now and hopefully it will be awesome.
When you take pictures of beautiful people like Anine - how can you ever go wrong?!
I can hardly wait:)
She is releasing the video to the single "Dominoes" next week and I was so lucky to get a sneak peak.
It is lovely and I actually got goosebumps!

In the mean time I am at this moment completely past out from the flu:(
There is never a good time to get sick but this might be the worst timing!!!
Luckily I have Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda to keep me company...
This must be the 6th time I watch all seasons.
Can´t get out of bed and my throat and head is absolutely killing me!
I wish I could accept being sick like a woman, you know: strong, but that has never been my strong side.
I act more like a man!
You know...they get so sick it´s like the end of the world?!
Yes - a tad pathetic I guess, but still, I HATE BEING SICK!
And I hate physical pain:(
Hope I feel better tomorrow <3


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