April 4, 2011

Attention all bloggers - VERY IMPORTANT INFORMATION!!!

This is also applicable for those of you who have a tendency to download images online and share them, say for instance with your friends on Facebook.

Did you know that if you don´t credit the photographer you are actually stealing?

Did you know that the photographer can charge you several thousand for this or even press charges?
Well they can...

According to the Norwegian law "Ă…ndsverksloven" if you do not have an agreement with the photographer to use the image as you´d please (which rarely is the case) you are stealing his/hers material and he/she is in his/hers full right to send you an invoice for using the image.

Unfortunately few people is aware of this...

A life as a photographer is most often a bumpy financial road and we all work extremely hard to survive with a tight budget in the first place. Bankruptcy is sadly often the case up to several times in a photographers career. We did not choose this path because we wanted to follow the money, we chose it because it is in our hearts and soul. Like many artist, singers, actors etc. it is an uncertain and unpredictable road. There are many of us out there and most of us need a second job to keep our personal finances at bay. 
The images are protected by law because the owner is ALWAYS the photographer and how would we EVER survive without this protection? 

I guess I would compare using a photograph without credits, too:
- shop lifting
- robbery
- high risk russian roulette
as you are clearly living on the edge waiting to get caught!

So the moral of the post:
No photo byline = STEALING!!!
Do you want to be considered a shop lifter? No!
Are you going to add a photo byline next time? Yes!

That´s what I thought - we agree!

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