April 18, 2011

No time for bitter!

I was supposed to be in L.A. now, at Coachella....
I am a bit bitter as I sold the tickets to my friend and she is over there right now dancing with Chris Brown!

So I am trying my best to stay busy and not think about it...
Today I am shooting Aspera! Portrait pics of the band members:) I am sure they are going to deliver, as will I!
I am thinking Anton Corbijn inspired photos, something like this maybe?

Also I am picking up some pictures I sold to Frogner House Apartments:)
They are starting up an Office hotel and wanted my pics on the wall! How cool is that?! 
Printed them on white aluminum and can hardly wait to see the result.
Was out shooting all weekend to complete the order that they gave me - in all 25 pics:)

I have also made a lot of plans after easter... Several new artists to shoot! 
I am so excited!!!!

This means that I have no time for bitter!


Come easter:

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