May 4, 2011

My way to "Santiago De Compostela"

When does one draw the line of life altering change?
Where does one draw the line and must one ever draw it?
Must it be physical or is it enough that it is mental?
If only emotional why is it so easy to fall back into old patterns?
Why is it so easy to fall back and why is it so difficult to move on?
Are we all like this?

Are we just to scared to make a final decision, terrified that it will be the biggest mistake of our lives, or maybe even worse, we don´t make a decision and the choice is forever left in our hearts unanswered, leaving us to rome this earth as zombies with no final destination.
If a mistake, one can try to make it good or even convince ourselves that we will make the right decision next time around. 
If undecided - no answer, neither here - nor there: LIMBO!

Is it schizophrenic or just how we cope? 
Seems like many of us are terrified to make a choice and stick by it.
Must we push ourselves to the extreme?

I always find myself asking so many questions.
I have many more...

...but sometimes I also have to come to a conclusion.
I am glad I had a choice to make to begin with!
I would never be without.

Though my line may be fragile and sometimes invisible, I still made my choice.
All my choices are based on my gut feeling.
I believe in faith.
I believe in destiny.
I believe that we are always at the right place and the right time, for life. 
Of course YOU make the decisions, but at the end;
I believe that you learn what you are supposed to,
and grow as much as you are supposed to.

There will always be the butterfly effect causing ripples in our life, but still, I believe that once this life is done, you have experienced what you came for.
Lucky us - we get to decide!
You can choose the wrapping of your gift, but the gift itself, will be the same and it will find you.
As one particular found me!

Thank you dear gift.
Thank you for the experience and the wisdom so far!
It has been a pleasure, and some headache, but it wouldn´t taste as good if it hadn´t been for the headache;)

I will cherish this special gift forever!

I am guessing you are curious of what I am rambling about?
I am talking about the gift of my work, all together.
I have just now grown aware that this work schedule of mine is a substitute for a bigger dream I have, that has not yet come true.
I fill my days to the maximum, but voluntary and gladly so.
How far can I push it?
How many hard working, "100% focus on work"-years, does one person get?
I don´t know the answer to the latter, but I believe I still have a few.
A few more years with these working hours before I can kick back and enjoy other aspects of life.

I CHOOSE to enjoy the ride!

Me in ZEN mode..
In Turkey last summer, just about to start my new life with my new gift! <3
No make up & no retouch.

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