May 16, 2011

Sweet weekend!

What a weekend I had...

Tommy Fredvang picked me up at 6 in the morning!
We went up to Sognsvann where poor Tommy had to go swimming...

After our shoot in the water we made breakfast in the studio, and we continued shooting inside until 3 pm.
In other words - the longest portrait shoot I have had, but totally worth it!

Then Rein Alexander and Mads Belden came to the studio for press photographs for their Christmas concert tour.
We had so much fun!:)

Check out the video:

This was actually the third video I took of them, because my iPhone speaker could not handle their powerful voices!

In the evening I went to the Kamelot concert where Atle Pettersen was one of the guest vocalists.
I took some pics of him in action!

How lucky am I?
I went from acoustic "one man band", to opera, to heavy metal in one day!
Gotta say:
It was a day filled with contrasts that left me on a high like never before!

Needless to say:
I spent my Sunday rating and choosing pictures form the shoots.
Retouch here I come:)

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