June 14, 2011

Plus size models - LOOOOOOOOOVES IT!!!

As one of the worlds leading fashion metropoles Italy does what only seems fit for Italy to do.

Plus size models on the cover of the worlds most influential fashion magazine;


Photo by Stephen Meisel

Absolutely brilliant if you ask me!

I love everything about it.
The hair, the make up, the scene and the girls.
Voluptuous curves that you just want to bite into! 
Yes I said it...
I am as straight as they come, but the female body is a source of constant inspiration to me.

It is the source of life and contains the holiest of mystic.

Vogue has always been exceptional when it comes to breaking boundaries and printing the most sizzling and amazing pictures you have ever seen.

You would NEVER see a cover like this on Norwegian magazines.
I am guessing they are playing it safe...
It´s boring really how they can never take it just a tad further.

I would recommend you buy this!
It is historical in many ways.

Nothing screams luxury as a glossy edition of the gorgeous

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