June 10, 2011

Purple Rain

Hours of hours with beautiful warm summer rain has gone by.
I feel as though I am the only person enjoying it.

I was out walking yesterday, without a raincoat or an umbrella and it got me thinking: why is everybody so afraid of the rain?
Everyone was running, almost in panic to the nearest roof top that could cover their head. 

It´s not like it is acid falling from the sky!
It´s not like thirty minutes inside wont dry you up...

I just love the way the rain feels on my skin!
And so I want to challenge you to instead off running from the rain, RUN INTO IT!

Go outside and stand in the middle of the raindrops and feel them on your face and on your body!

It is truly liberating and you feel at one with Mother Nature;)

I hope, despite of the rain, that you have a great weekend:)

Presenting my #1 song of all time:

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