June 7, 2011

Hedi Slimane

Who is Hedi Slimane?
One of the worlds most renowned fashion designers who has worked for YSL 
(1997-2000) and Dior Homme (2000-2007) and was also rewarded with the International Designer of the Year by the CFDA (The Council of Fashion Designers of America, Inc.)
in 2002.

But the reason I am mentioning him is not because of his amazing contribution to fashion, it is because in addition to his design he is also a great photographer.

I spend a lot of time searching online for sources of inspiration and other photographers.

At the previous mentioned site:
I have seen his name many times and so I started my quest for information.

I have never cared about the history (necessarily) of the photographer as much as the product itself.
It´s like a singer with an education say for instance at LIPA.
Although I appreciate the years spend getting better at their talent I don´t necessarily think that I would book an artist based on the education alone, so much as the actual talent.
(Don´t get me wrong; an education is ALWAYS important! But when it comes to art, I think we can all agree that it is the final product that is key and the actual selling point, with or without the years spend in school.)

So I don´t know when or where Hedi actually started taking pictures or began his love affair with photography.
All I know is that I find his pictures OH so beautiful!

Check out his website here: 

I have gathered a couple pictures by Hedi, that I hope you will like.
I know I sure did.

Too me he is a great source of inspiration and his pictures speak to me.
He has the same passion for black and whites that I do (it seems) and I find his pictures to be very much Noir Dèsir or Chiaroscuro (dark and filled with contrast).

Model: Anja Rubik

Model: Natalia Vodianova

Pictures by the one and only:
Hedi Slimane


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