September 13, 2011

I just wanna DANCE!!

Feeling totally inspired by NE-YO!
But maybe in the wrong way?

I used to dance. 
I danced classical, street and jazz for 10 years. 
Ne-Yo makes me wanna dance again!!!
It´s all in the hips;)

I was on my way from the gym yesterday (working on my fitness) and it was raining. 
I was listening to "One in a million" and suddenly I started to dance! 
Relax, it wasn´t like a full show!
Just a little footwork that´s all;)
Liberating in the yellow lights from the streetlights being reflected in the poring rain.

Such a cliche!
But nevertheless - the truth!!!

Feels good to be back energy wise.
There has been a lot of sickness and work lately so I havn´t had the time or energy to go to the gym:(

But baby is back lifting weights with the guys!
You will never see me at the gym with pearls and jewelry, extra eyeliner and lip gloss.
I go there to work out - not to be seen or look my best!

Nobody puts baby in a corner!!!

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