September 9, 2011

Serious cravings on a Friday!

After another hectic week I feel both sleep- and sugar deprived!

Here is a summary of the week I had:
- 95 weeding pics retouched and finalized
- 6 cd´s containing 1200 wedding pics delivered
- Shooting at a BMW launch for Leica both Wednesday and Thursday
- Sold two pics to a magazine - more on this to come next week
- About 35 pics to retouch this weekend
- Finally booked the shoot with Anine Stang
- Shooting for Frogner House apartments this weekend - street style (more on this later)
- Oh and of course : working 9-5 every day at Kolonihaven studio:)

Good thing I listen to my doctor who told me to calm down and make sure that I eat healthy and get enough sleep....
I can sleep later, but I promise to cut down on carbs and sugar next week!

Looking forward to the weekend at last:)

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