October 13, 2011

Contrasts in Paris...

I have to say that street photography is not a genre that I feel comes natural to me.

I would best describe it like this:
You have to observe and look, but you don´t necessarily get the opportunity of enjoying.

I was constantly chasing the perfect picture thus I was left with observing alone.
It wasn´t until I sat down on the riverboat I took it all in.
More pictures of that to come, but first I wan´t to share these.

They say a pictures says more than a thousand words?
What words should I then use on these pics?

Where Louis Vuitton and Mulberry meets broken backs and beggars?

Where crispy ironed white pants and fancy camera equipment meet homeless shoeless youngsters?

Paris can be brutal it seems, filled with diversity and contrast.
Still I really like these pictures as I feel I exposed at vulnerable part of her inner essence. 

Both pics shot with Leica M9 aka Kurt!

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