November 4, 2011

Frail nails, botox and the life after 30!

If you are one of my loyal readers you know that this blog is reserved for photography.
But this also includes what inspires me, what motivates me and what fills my batteries.


After turning 30 it hits you:
You have peeked and you are now one step closer to getting old.
You become (or was it just me?!) more aware of the wrinkles on your face as well as nutrition/vitamins.

With age comes wisdom and experience.
With age comes the harsh reality of life and at some point you will have to come to terms with the fact that youth is a not everlasting.

Earlier in this blog I have addressed my opinions as to how far I think, we should push the boundaries of staying forever young.
My opinion then, is the same as now, let me remind you:
I don´t do botox and I really don´t like it on others.
Maybe I am just scared that I will succumb to the pressure after a couple of years?
At least I can guarantee that as for now my face is Botox free zone.
But - there are still treatments you can do as to maintenance, moisture and "bounce".
My skin therapist, Anja Borgen, is entrusted with my skin. 
Whatever she would recommend I do, treatment/cremes/peelings(not chemical obviously!), I would do. 
I trust her with my life (face at least).

But I also just decided to give my nails some attention as well.
They have always been frail and "bubbly".
But after starting everyday with a pill cocktail containing tran (norwegian omega 3 fluid), floradix (fluid containing extra iron, magnesium and almost every vitamin in the book), ginseng, extra vitamin B, extra iron, brewer´s yeast (ølgjær in Norwegian) mixed with water, I am hoping they will get stronger and not brake all the time.
Obviously this tastes like SHIT(!!!!) but it is worth it:)
Also to help my nails grow I went to visit Camilla yesterday and she fixed them for me as best she can with shellac.


After a facial with Anja and shellac with Camilla this week, I am set for the weekend!
They are both to be found at VEN House of Beauty 
(Frognerveien 33, 22447111).
I would also like to add;
What makes these girls so special in my eyes is that they are so down to earth and they have a personal relationship with their customers.
I always feel welcome at this place and even their mascot Mikky seem to have a really good effect on the cliental.


I wish you a great weekend!!! :)

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