November 2, 2011

Getting married?

What I love most about wedding photography is the part where you get to take part in something that is bigger than yourself. You are invited in to something as a silent party and you get to almost experience the love that is in the air. It surrounds the camera and therefore, if you allow it, surrounds you as well.
Personally I find it challenging because I am a sucker for romance - meaning: 

Already taking pictures in my first wedding I found out that I have to really really focus at the ceremony or else I am sobbing like a crazy person.
I constantly have to look through the camera and not on the bride as she walks up the aisle.
I have to distance myself!

Once the ceremony is over I most often go in the same car as the couple to our location and I can tell you that that particular feeling is very weird. 
Automatically I want to wave to all the guests as we drive away, but of course I have to take pictures of the happy couple in the backseat in stead....
Corny I know - but I´m thinking it´s a normal psychological feeling?! 

I have added some pictures from a wedding this summer.
What makes these pics so special is that the car belonged to the brides grandfather who passed away some time ago.
And so making this particular scene very personal and heartfelt.
I added both color and black and white - I can´t seem to choose my favourites...

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