November 17, 2011

The upper west socialites and the fountain of youth!

Yesterday I attended a social gathering at Ven House of Beauty.

A dozen 30- and 40- somethings gathered at the studio in Frognerveien in Oslo, on a typical Wednesday evening. 
What was not typical about it was the subject at hand (for me at least).
Creams, make up and skin therapy!

Sitting there amongst these not so casual dressed ladies I began to wonder.... 
Am I one of you or can I check this evening of as something concerning my "journalistic integrity" and thus not tap into what seems inevitable - the chase of everlasting youth?
Observing this small crowd of women I quickly discover that it is not at all what might seems.
This is not trophy/housewives with extra time to kill.
Quite the contrary!
Here I find myself surrounded with doctors and self employed power ladies!
All of us had one thing in common - being:
Not the fountain of youth but the appearance we all (mankind) lead with.
Sure it is as it is - we all at some point discover the wrinkles and flaws that is human nature, but we want to preserve what we can in the best and most optimal way.
These ladies sure knew what they are talking about - all though I got some eye rolling when I mentioned my age.
Am I not supposed to have an opinion because I have childish facial features and havn´t crossed the magical 35?!
Either way:
 Fascinating stuff!!!

From here on out - 
I will do my best not to judge!
(Shame on me for doing so in the first place!)
I am realising that you can be smart and full of integrity and at the same time have a passion for make up and other super girly things.
We are after all the same on the inside!
Wether it is regarding our thoughts about appearance or insecurities.

I am trying to broaden my horizon and I will not come down on you with judgement if you choose to share make up tips or other pointers regarding looks (as long as you stay true to what is on the inside, that is...;)

ps - turns out my Pharma skin care cream (which is awesome) contains... 
Wait for it:
Hahahhahahhah! Nough´ said!!!
But it still goes on top of my skin and not inside...Is there a difference between the two? Of course but I sure am struggling to find out where to draw the line (no pun intended...).

Humbly yours...


  1. Gorgeous! and the photo is sizzling hot. :) I didn't know some beauty creams can contain botox. What does it do? The same thing that the injectibles do?

  2. Thnx Megan;) The same as injections but a MUCH smaller volume, meaning that it is only effective as long as u have the cream on. And I guess it is good to prevent early ageing.