December 19, 2011

It´s a baby boy!!!

Yes, it is a boy!

Finally, at the age of 30 (!) I bought a car!!!
His name - Lillegutt:)

I am one happy camper...
 After weeks of waiting he is all mine.

I picked him up Friday from Solberg Bil in Skien.
Thank you for awesome service and dedication for making this happen:)

While back home I saw the opportunity to bake some christmas cookies with my mum.
After decades of backing she is a pro and I got heaps to learn!

Telemark in my heart <3
I love my beautiful country....
Isn´t it gorgeous?!

I will make sure to bring my camera, when I go home for X-mas, so I can take some real pictures and share with you:)


  1. Congratulations on your baby boy! Lillegutt is a beut and I hope you get to spend some quality time together over the holidays. Hopefully he doesn't need to be fed too often.

  2. I wish Ford would bring that model to the United States. I like it so much better than the Focus we have here.

  3. Me 2! It´s so good to have in a crowded city! Wish u a merry xmas fred!
    And to anonymous; He is low maintenance and does not acquire much food, lucky 4 both me and my wallet:)

  4. Gratulere med ny bil og riktig god jul ;)