February 28, 2011

The perfect nude?

This is what a real woman looks like!
Absolutely loving the curves <3

I can´t reveal the identity of this beautiful creature unfortunately.

Dear Whatsurname...
You are gorgeous!
You are the perfect woman!
You are everything that you should be and more!

Thank you for letting me take this picture...

February 26, 2011

I should explain!

I should explain why I have not added the outcome of my latest projects.
The reason why I am holding back is because I will do my best to sell them.
So I can not release them to the public.
If I manage to sell them I will off course post them so that you can see what I have been working on, but not until they have been released by the potential buyer. 
Sorry about this, but there are certain rules I have to follow...
In the mean time you have to be satisfied with behind the scenes pics and movies.
Believe me I will do my best to make sure that I give you the very best that I can possibly give you.

Too sum up my last 8 days of working non stop;

Last Saturday I had a shoot with Guri Solberg
The theme was rock chic - I wanted to show Guri in a more private way.
How is she when she is when she´s not in front off the camera.

Sunday we had a fashion shoot.
Unfortunately I can not reveal the theme, but we were in total 6 people working to make it all come together the best way we could. The shoot took 9 hours and we were all very tired after the day was over!

Tuesday I had a private shoot.
A friend needed portrait pics for her 30th birthday.
I will post some pics from this next week;)

Wednesday I had a nude shoot.
A beautiful lady with a feminine gorgeous body to die for!
I will posts some pics from this shoot as well:)
Also the stylist, Sol, from Sundays shoot and I picked out the pics from the fashion shoot. 
About 2000 pics, so needless to say, we spent a few hours choosing and rating our favorites!

Thursday I took pics of Rachel Nordtømme in her training gear.
A beautiful girl this Rachel... 
Her blog represent everything I love! 
A strong independent woman with a goal!
She doesn´t blog about make up and all the typical things.
She gives us a true picture of her day to day life with a focus on her passion for sports.
Also, one of the photographers at work (Espen Schive) did a shoot, this time with me in front off the camera - 
weird feeling, but lots of fun:) 
I will show some pics from this as well.

Friday - rested after work (finally)!

Today - I went to the gym - working on my fitness (like Fergie says) and at this very moment I am sitting at my favorite cafe writing this post. 
I have done four different types of retouch on one of the pics from the fashion shoot. So that the stylist and myself can choose the vibe together.
And I have selected the final pics from my shoot with Rachel, the nude shoot and the portrait shoot I had.


In total I have taken about 4500 pics this week. 
I have ALOT of work to do. Both with choosing the final pics and the retouch.

I was planning a huge shoot tonight as well, but it got postponed due to the snowing.
We were supposed to shoot outside and this weather just wont do!

Off course I worked at Kolonihaven as well, so in total, I have worked about 80 hours the last 8 days.
I feel exhausted but totally ZEEEEEEEEEEN!!!!

Can´t wait to enjoy a dinner with my lovely ladies this evening:)

Have a great weekend!!!


February 25, 2011

Stunt reporter - Rachel Nordtømme!

Had a great shoot yesterday with Rachel Nordtømme:)

Check out her blog here;

Rachel is a good role model with a goal & ambitions!
What´s not 2 love?!

Oh - and don´t forget 2 vote for me here:
Thaaaaaank you for the support!!! 

February 24, 2011

Now this was fun:)

Found out yesterday that I am one of 12 finalists in a new blog award!
"Norway´s most loved blog"
It is so nice that the jury included photography!

You can vote once a day until the 9th of March .
I would be very grateful if you would give me your vote and support.

At this very moment I am not precisely (...) winning and that´s okay;)
But it sure would be nice not to come in last...

Can you believe what they wrote about my blog?? 
I was so moved!

Side.no is presenting each of the finalists until the 9th of March, so today Katrine Fagerlid is taking my portrait. Weird to be in front of the camera!!! 
Wish me luck!

Thanks 2 Charlotte Tvedt, who nominated me in the first place:D

ps - I have a shoot later this evening as well....
You should definitely stay tuned for this one!!

February 23, 2011

Dilsa - Smoking cigarettes!

Can´t get enough off her voice...

Here you see Dilsa rehearsing before a big gig she was doing.
Putting on her make up before a shoot we had.
She makes it look so easy, but I can assure you;

Thank God for talents like her <3

Like J Rice says in his version of "love the way you lie";
Without music in my life I am naked & homeless...

Thank you Dilsa for contributing with your talent!
Through your voice you make the world a better and more beautiful place...

February 22, 2011

The crew from the fashion shoot!

Did a fashion shoot on Saturday:)
Introducing the crew....

Nikola Grozdic - hair

Me - photo oc & Mini - Wonder dog with ADHD!

Anja Borgen - make up

Sol Naghibian - styling

What a great team we were!!

February 21, 2011

Behind the scenes with Guri!

Hectic weekend!!!
Shot Guri on Saturday - we had so much fun:)

I am in the process of rating the pics. 
Hopefully I will have time to start retouch this week!

My thought was to portray her inner rock girl.
In other words - I can guarantee that you have not seen her like this before.

In the mean time;
Enjoy behind the scenes pics! 

February 16, 2011

True love...

I love this picture and there are many reasons for it.
It is so untraditional!!

I guess you might be thinking what is the story behind this picture?

Well the two lovely ladies are two of my closest and dearest friends.
Yes, they got married to each other!

And I have to say, bad as cigarettes are and how highly inappropriate the are in a wedding picture, the lovely couple insisted.

Needless to say;
These girls are pioneers and warriors.

"Hey, we love Marlboros, let´s make it fun and include them in one of the shots!" 

The fact that same gender marriage is still frowned upon is COMPLETE BULLSHIT!!!
It shouldn´t be...

I have seen the love in their eyes and how they glow in each others presence!

This is not an easy road travelled!

This was a fight for love.
Because love sees no boundaries.

Love sees only love!

This is a shout out to my girls - 
I salute your strength & dedication for each other and for the love.

With or without cigarettes you still look amazing in this shot!
Thank you for letting me take the wedding pictures and inviting me, as a photographer, in too see the love behind the curtain - 
it meant the world to me <3

February 15, 2011


I have entered the world of blogging on a whole new level!
Doing my research and following the inspiration I stumbled over this;


One of my favorite series
Tori Praver and Tyson Ballou in '9 1/2 Minutes' photographed by Sharif Hamza  and 
styled by Simon RobbinsVogue Russia, June 2010.

This is so gorgeous I am actually speechless!!!!!!!!

February 14, 2011

Vixen Blog Awards from behind the scenes

I thought I should share my experience with you.
How it felt being one of the finalists:)

It was an extremely hectic day & it was filled with nerves!

Imagine this....
Sitting in a room filled with 1200 people.
You know that ANY minute now they will announce the category photo blog.
You know that when they do you will start to hyperventilate & and feel a fainting sensation.

As expected - the nerves hit in!
As expected I felt a shortage of breath!
As expected everything went silent!

Suddenly my name appears and everyone starts applauding (as they off course did for the other finalists 2)!
Knowing that if I win this, I have to go on stage and give my speech.

I was a nervous wreck!

You already  know that I did not win.
But I was so happy for Kari Kjølseth:)
She is a great photographer!!
Well deserved!

But I did get a goody bag - wohooooo - a huge one!
My sister had to take it home with her because it was to big to take with me to the after party at "Fisk&Vilt".

There was a party....
A big one!
So big that I spend two days with headaches & feeling a tad under the weather.
But it was soooooooo worth it!!
Had the best time:)
I won´t bore you with the details... ;)

Thank you SO much for all your support & love! 
It really does mean the world to me <3

Thank you Line Dybwad Olsen for contributing with this picture!!

I also did a bit of retouch on a few of my favorites that I posted  on Thursday.

February 12, 2011

Guri Solberg:)

Met up with Guri Solberg this week.
We are preparing a shoot & all I can say is;
You have NEVER seen her like this before!!

Can´t wait:)

February 11, 2011

Oh no you didn´t!

I usually don´t comment on things like this, but you probably understand that she hit a nerve!

Norwegian blogger wanted blogs that had good writing & good pictures...
Trine Grung, you should do your homework before you pull a stunt like this!

Too be fair I took a screen shot of Trines´ own blog..........

February 10, 2011

My head hurts like crazy...

So I won´t be able to write...

But we can still enjoy my pics from yesterdays Vixen Blog Awards!
No retouch - straight from my camera - 2 u <3

Oh - and check this link as well:)

CF Wesenberg

Gine Margrethe Larsen, me & Christel Alsos

The blog finalists

Atle Pettersen & me

My sister & me

Ørnulf Høyer & my sister

Per Sundnes & Marianne Jemtegård

Jenny Skavlan & Daniel Franck

Adam Tensta

Miss Harmonica

Petter Stordalen

Elin Kling


"Tina & Bettina"

The winners

Elin Kling

Elise Bahia / Livingdoll & me