August 31, 2011

Oslo by night - #5

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this picture!

Could actually hang it on my wall:)
But you HAVE to click on the image so you get a bigger picture!

August 29, 2011

Retouch & Dirty Dancing!

A terrible cold reared it´s ugly head on Friday and therefore reduced my plans for the weekend:(

I HATE being sick!!!
Feel a bit better though and I am back at work today.

My plan was to celebrate a dear friend of mine, but instead I had to spend my time on the couch. 

But that meant that I had time to do some retouch...
150 pics are ready and done! 

I also had time to watch my favorite movie.
I know it´s a cliche, but after dancing for ten years, I could never have another favorite.

Johnny Castle & Baby<3

August 26, 2011

Hey bella!

Drank wine yesterday, I am tired beyond belief, so I will leave you with this before a much needed weekend:

Another shot from Barcelona with M9:)

Have a great weekend!!!

August 25, 2011

Old lady in wheelchair!

I took this in Barcelona.
I was at a internett cafe and I was pissed off because I had many problems getting online.
In my frustration and anger I sat down with Kurt and then I saw it...

This perfectly framed image right in front of me.
For those of you who don´t know Kurt, he is a Leica M9.

I really like this pic.
Makes me wanna look twice!

Click on the image to get a bigger version.

I wonder what the lady is thinking about... 

August 23, 2011

August 19, 2011

Hey mista mista!

Tommy Fredvang from our shoot earlier this summer.
Click on the image to get a bigger (better) version;)

Heading for my hometown today to shoot a wedding!
Work work work:)

Have a great weekend!!!

August 17, 2011

August 15, 2011

Female perspective on Leica M9!

The first time I met Kurt was at a photo workshop with Leica, at Skrova in Lofoten.

He was not the first thing I noticed. 
Sure he was handsome, but my attention fell on his younger brother, S2. 
S2 was bigger and looked stronger, more sexy even...

Still, Kurt and I briefly met, but I didn't feel attracted to him in that way.
Little did I know that just a couple of months later I would fall head over heels with him...

Fast forward 2 months:

Kurt sent me an email asking if he could join me on my trip to Barcelona and if we could maybe take some pictures together.
I could not believe what I was reading!
Why did he want to go with me? Little me? 
He was extremely popular and he could have his pick of women!

He had sensed a certain chemistry between us and an unspoken trust.
Wow! I was flattered and by now I was very curious of him!
I was so excited and happy to say yes to his proposal.
It had been years since I had THAT many butterflies:)
He came to me the day before we left on our trip.

In the dim lights from my kitchen counter I had noticed how incredibly beautiful he was. 
He was carved from stone, with his masculine lines, his dark skin and his silver hair. 
Now I saw it clearly: Kurt was a gentleman of rank! 

He had a steadiness I had rarely seen and a heaviness to him that I had never experienced before.

Our chemistry was not immediate and we spent a couple days to get to know each other. 
I even found him to be somewhat weird and almost a little bit arrogant.
Our misunderstandings were many and it took me some time to understand this particular German.

However, Kurt was also "old school", refined, and he had qualities about him that I had never seen before! 
When I finally got under his skin, I understood that he was so simple and easy!

As we became better acquainted Kurt would turn out to be the biggest summer flirt I´d had since I was 15 years old...

Let me also add:

- He had stamina like few!
- How he managed to manoeuvre in the worst lighting conditions is a mystery to me...
- He also had a very good lens attached to him... Though it was only a 50mm (...), it certainly did the trick and the memories I have can simply not be described in words. Fortunately, I have some nice pictures;)
(Of course I will share them with you!)

I understood that this romance could not last and it was with sadness I discovered that he had a contract with someone else binding him for life in sickness and health, for richer or poorer...
Now I now know that he is a REAL player and wanders from flower to flower. 
He has also been with several men!
Still it is obvious that he cares a great deal about his true love as it seems he always goes back to her.
I guess time will heal my wounds...

Dear Kurt:
I love you.
I will never forget the times we shared.
I will never forget how you opened my eyes and made me try new things and broaden my horizon.
For always in my heart<3



Not surprisingly, I have in many ways fallen in love with Leica´s                    M9, which I have chosen to christen "Kurt"! 
It simply had to be a male version, as there are so many parallels in relation to men.

Here are some pictures of me and Kurt:

Kurt & me hugging

Kurt and me kissing 

Kurt & me posing

Kurt & me acting cool

Kurt telling a joke - me laughing

Me laughing more of Kurts´ joke 

Kurt & me kissing

Thank you, Katrine at Bresson, for letting me try him out.
I hope you keep him safe:)

This was so much fun and I would recommend that you, dear reader, consider buying a Leica as soon as you can.
This is quality through and through!!!

Stay tuned for Leica pics;)

August 12, 2011

KK Shoot:)

For three hours yesterday it actually was all about me.
A weird feeling being in front of the camera!

It is actually weird how you learn to be in front of the camera by standing behind it.
You get very attentive on when and how to move.
I did my best but only time will show if I actually got the job done.

But it was FUN:)

Styling, hair and make up was done as well, with help from my super fab sis´ Lill´G aka Gine.

Can´t wait to see the result!

Have a great weekend:D

August 11, 2011

Oslo by night - #5

Exciting day today...
Work AND play!

KK (a Norwegian magazine) is doing a story on me and I am heading out for the photo shoot as we speak. It´s fun to be in front of the camera as well and especially today, since I get to decide how I want it;)

Wish me luck!

August 10, 2011

Shooting Ingrid Bjørnov!

5:00 pm
On the train to Tomter for dinner and shoot with Ingrid.
Tomter is a shit hole (pardon the language) according to some, and an oasis of tranquility according to others. 
It will be interesting to see who I side with. 
PS - I don´t care what the advertisement says: 
Public transportation is NOT cool!

5:26 pm 
Electric difficulties!
The train stops and we are asked to wait for a bus that MAYBE arrives in 30 minutes (earliest).
#$%&&%$ only 10 minutes away from my destination!
Like I said: Public transportation is NOT cool!!! 
Not to mention I a losing valuable daylight:(
I am not a happy camper!

5:46 pm
My chariot awaits!
Instead of waiting Ingrid decides to come pick me up:) 
Awesome broad! 
With a private chauffeur that turned out to be herself... 
I was expecting a limmo...
Close enough;)

6:00 pm
A glass of white wine:)
All right! Justice at last! 
Accompanied with a tour around the estate. 
We admire the shoe house (outhouse, but who is keeping track?!) and I am envious of all the space and stillness out here.

We shoot in the fields of gold and cow manure...
This is weird - I kind of like it!

8:30 pm
We eat!
So this is how they do it in the country side?! 
A personal chef that also works as a husband?! 

We shoot in Ingrids office/musical paradise.
No studio equipment, only what`s at hand... 
Absolutely love going oldschool!

Of to Tomter train station.

10:03 pm
 No train.
It was supposed to leave the station 9:57. Delayed for at least 20 minutes.
Did I mention I hate public transportation?! 
Ooooops! Looks like I did already...TWICE!!!

10:10 pm
Ingrid drives me to Ski.
One train leaves Tomter every hour - destination Oslo, 
but from Ski a total of 4 trains per hour! Wohooo!

10:29 pm
Ingrid drops me of at Ski train station.

10:39 pm
At last my train arrives:)

11:14 PM
Home sweet home <3 <3 <3


To summon up the afternoon:

On the note that Tomter is a shit hole:
I beg to differ. 
I actually found it highly soothing for both body and soul. 
I spent only a few hours here, but I truly can say that I liked it. 
Maybe it was because of the fantastic company. 
Maybe it was the fact that I shot with both Nikon & Leica M9.
Maybe it was the seductive effect of the Chablis or the mesmerizing energy of the house... 
I don´t care so much as to why.
 I have concluded "pro Tomter" and my conclusion stands!

I had a truly fantastic evening with Ingrid. 
Sadly I hardly EVER meet women like her!
She has this je ne sais quois...

If you have seen her live or on TV you know what I am talking about and somehow she ends up giving this also in a private setting - she is genuine and openminded.
She is full of energy and has a profound interest in everything around her.
All in all I found her to be humble, reflected, independent and open.
We talked about show business, music, women, life.
I would say that this was truly one of the most fantastic evenings I have ever had and I am deeply thankful!

August 9, 2011

Rachel Nordtømme anyone?

Remember I had a shoot with Rachel? 
Looooong time ago...
Well, here is one of the pics;)

Other than that I can assure you that my summer vacation is definitely over!

Once again - working like a crazy person!
Location scouting last weekend, wedding the weekend before, retouch, retouch, retouch, writing, renovating Kolonihaven (more to come on that note), meeting with a client tomorrow, shoot both this coming Friday and Saturday and dinner and shoot with Ingrid Bjørnov tonight!


August 8, 2011

The bride!

Last weekend I took pictures in a wedding of a good friend of mine <3
Here is the beautiful bride!

More pics will come.

August 5, 2011

The massacre in Oslo...

Three girls in Barcelona.
Three girls having a good time, enjoying life and having a much needed break from life's trivialities...

"A bomb just went off in Oslo!!!"

Silence and complete shock...

"What did you just say?"

"A bomb went off down town Oslo! 
People have died and the damages are huge!!"

"Wait! There is a shooting now too!!!"



We have all heard about and read about it.
Seen reports on TV and newspapers.

How can this have happened?
To my beautiful little country...

How can I describe the pain that follows such a tragedy?

A nation in sorrow...

Once I was back in Oslo the first thing I did, when I came home, was to turn on the TV.
I went online to catch up with the rest of this small nations experience while I had been abroad, and therefore unable to be a part of it, the way I wanted to.

I spent the day crying.
Asking the same question as millions of others;
"How could this have happened?!"

I took my camera and started walking...
A pilgrim walk.
A walk of complete silence.
A walk of devastation.
A walk of sorrow and heartache.
A walk of hugs from strangers.
A walk of reflection.
A walk of sympathy.
A walk of pride.

I have always been proud of being Norwegian.
It´s a very good country!

But never have I been as proud to be a part of this humble nation as I am now!

"I refuse to be your enemy!"
"Strongest of all is love!"

Powerful, powerful statements that we have all taken to our hearts.

My deepest condolences go out to the families and friends of the many victims.

I know that your loss can never be replaced and that you will never forget the pain that you have in your heart at this moment.
But I know that with time, you will remember your loved ones with a smile.

You will cherish her laugh, because I can assure you, you will never forget it!
You will remember his beautiful hair!
You will remember her running through the fields at your summerhouse while stepping on the cicadas.
You will remember his kindness and you will remember her warmth.
And you will treasure it in your heart because it is the most valuable thing you will ever own.

Your loved one will never be forgotten!

A world is in mourning with you...

A sea of flowers...
The flowers are everywhere and it is good to see how we can show the one thing that can keep us together: