November 30, 2011

Ingrid Bjørnov

I shot this in her home.
I am the first photographer invited to her home, so it meant a lot to me!


Love her natural beauty - glad to see her success with her new album!

I can´t decide which one I prefer - they are so different.
The pic below shows her playfulness which is a BIG part of her personality!
I took the latter for TV2 as press pictures.

November 28, 2011

Secrets revealed and Queens?

I told you that I would share pics with you from the launch party and tell you about the party, but I am afraid this post is going to be a split one.

The party was great and I am super duper proud of my sister Gine!!
She and the rest of the team has done a tremendous job getting it all together and now launching what I hope to be a channel of trendsetting and not following.
With so much pure bread love and dedication I believe that they can absolutely make a difference!

This will be the only picture I will share with you from that evening and this is because I think that this is the only picture which is worth sharing.
Finally one picture that is untypical (in all fairness Gine and Marthe are stunning beautiful and so they can carry a corny shot!)
The rest of the pics turned out to be crap!

After not taking a single shot for about one month I am finding it hard these days to pick it up again.
But no fear, I will find the inspiration needed any day now (fingers crossed!!!)

Part two will follow below!

Part II (which has absolutely NOTHING to do with the launch party):

I have attended enough red carpet events and launch parties to share the following secret with you -

Usually the same people go to the same parties and the same people kiss their ass. 
I am soooo sad to see that there are more followers out there than pioneers and "fighters". 

Let me elaborate:
I can not distress how fed up I am with certain "power people" and their lousy attitudes. 
Let´s call them Queen Bees for the sake of this post.

You know who they are immediately as they enter the party, in their fake fur (which is a good thing!) and more often than not bedazzled in the most expensive garments and accessories available to the normal mortal person.
People automatically swarm around them, and so - appearing to be addicts. 
They need their fix and the sweet honey that the Queen bee may or may not provide, depending on the Queens mood.
I find it disgusting and at the same time somewhat understandable that these honey suckers (...)have to get a peace of the action.
Be it an article where they appear, a photo shoot, an advertising gig a new reality concept.

A certain few Queens for certain industries. 
Making it almost corrupt.

I too, have done my fair share of celebs on this blog and carefully chosen my headings so that you will be drawn like moths to a flame.
BUT - I have never lied to you.
I have never misguided you nor have I given you gossip.
Ah the invisible line of integrity and honour...

As a bystander of this abomination (subjective opinion) and as a phycological curious let me tell you one thing:

The more the workers give to the Queen Bee the more she will spawn workers and slaves, but alas:

(this was not a death threat of any kind)

I respect those who work hard and thus I will fairly place my loyalty and sincere support to them and non others.
I don´t particularly believe in freebies...So these are the people I will be talking with at such events. 
Their soul is still, as I see them, pure and loving.

I am forever yours<3

November 24, 2011

Exiting evening!

This evening I am invited to the launch of
Glitz and glamour here I come!!!
Nila (my Nikon) is coming with and I will share pics with you soon:)
I know that the guest list has been top secret press wise, but I have contacts on the inside and I can tell you it´s HOT!

November 17, 2011

The upper west socialites and the fountain of youth!

Yesterday I attended a social gathering at Ven House of Beauty.

A dozen 30- and 40- somethings gathered at the studio in Frognerveien in Oslo, on a typical Wednesday evening. 
What was not typical about it was the subject at hand (for me at least).
Creams, make up and skin therapy!

Sitting there amongst these not so casual dressed ladies I began to wonder.... 
Am I one of you or can I check this evening of as something concerning my "journalistic integrity" and thus not tap into what seems inevitable - the chase of everlasting youth?
Observing this small crowd of women I quickly discover that it is not at all what might seems.
This is not trophy/housewives with extra time to kill.
Quite the contrary!
Here I find myself surrounded with doctors and self employed power ladies!
All of us had one thing in common - being:
Not the fountain of youth but the appearance we all (mankind) lead with.
Sure it is as it is - we all at some point discover the wrinkles and flaws that is human nature, but we want to preserve what we can in the best and most optimal way.
These ladies sure knew what they are talking about - all though I got some eye rolling when I mentioned my age.
Am I not supposed to have an opinion because I have childish facial features and havn´t crossed the magical 35?!
Either way:
 Fascinating stuff!!!

From here on out - 
I will do my best not to judge!
(Shame on me for doing so in the first place!)
I am realising that you can be smart and full of integrity and at the same time have a passion for make up and other super girly things.
We are after all the same on the inside!
Wether it is regarding our thoughts about appearance or insecurities.

I am trying to broaden my horizon and I will not come down on you with judgement if you choose to share make up tips or other pointers regarding looks (as long as you stay true to what is on the inside, that is...;)

ps - turns out my Pharma skin care cream (which is awesome) contains... 
Wait for it:
Hahahhahahhah! Nough´ said!!!
But it still goes on top of my skin and not inside...Is there a difference between the two? Of course but I sure am struggling to find out where to draw the line (no pun intended...).

Humbly yours...

November 10, 2011

November 4, 2011

Frail nails, botox and the life after 30!

If you are one of my loyal readers you know that this blog is reserved for photography.
But this also includes what inspires me, what motivates me and what fills my batteries.


After turning 30 it hits you:
You have peeked and you are now one step closer to getting old.
You become (or was it just me?!) more aware of the wrinkles on your face as well as nutrition/vitamins.

With age comes wisdom and experience.
With age comes the harsh reality of life and at some point you will have to come to terms with the fact that youth is a not everlasting.

Earlier in this blog I have addressed my opinions as to how far I think, we should push the boundaries of staying forever young.
My opinion then, is the same as now, let me remind you:
I don´t do botox and I really don´t like it on others.
Maybe I am just scared that I will succumb to the pressure after a couple of years?
At least I can guarantee that as for now my face is Botox free zone.
But - there are still treatments you can do as to maintenance, moisture and "bounce".
My skin therapist, Anja Borgen, is entrusted with my skin. 
Whatever she would recommend I do, treatment/cremes/peelings(not chemical obviously!), I would do. 
I trust her with my life (face at least).

But I also just decided to give my nails some attention as well.
They have always been frail and "bubbly".
But after starting everyday with a pill cocktail containing tran (norwegian omega 3 fluid), floradix (fluid containing extra iron, magnesium and almost every vitamin in the book), ginseng, extra vitamin B, extra iron, brewer´s yeast (ølgjær in Norwegian) mixed with water, I am hoping they will get stronger and not brake all the time.
Obviously this tastes like SHIT(!!!!) but it is worth it:)
Also to help my nails grow I went to visit Camilla yesterday and she fixed them for me as best she can with shellac.


After a facial with Anja and shellac with Camilla this week, I am set for the weekend!
They are both to be found at VEN House of Beauty 
(Frognerveien 33, 22447111).
I would also like to add;
What makes these girls so special in my eyes is that they are so down to earth and they have a personal relationship with their customers.
I always feel welcome at this place and even their mascot Mikky seem to have a really good effect on the cliental.


I wish you a great weekend!!! :)

November 3, 2011

Leica M9P vs. Nikon D3S

I guess that is geek lingo, so I would prefer to call it "two friends both out and about taking pictures at the same time".
Me with Nikon D3s(called Bob from here on out) and Aleksander With with Leica M9p(he named her Aisha).
We called it a stand off on Twitter.
Who won?

It depends on your preference.
Bob is big and heavy and Aisha is more handy.
Also it depends on the lens! 
If I am not mistaken Aisha had The Leica Summicron
50 mm f/2 and Bob had a 85 mm f/1.4
(I realize that I should have made a note of this...)

If I am lucky I can show some of the pics that Aleksander took later - I have to ask him nicely;)

I really loved the D3s, I have to admit.
But for a relative small girl like myself (my muscles are hidden...)it takes a physical tole to carry around "Big boy Bob" all day.

I think I would prefer Bod in the studio and Aisha (or Kurt) in the streets.
Take that with a pinch of salt will you, since I haven´t tried either cameras in studio...

Anyways here is a selection of my outcome.
U like?
I like:)

November 2, 2011

Getting married?

What I love most about wedding photography is the part where you get to take part in something that is bigger than yourself. You are invited in to something as a silent party and you get to almost experience the love that is in the air. It surrounds the camera and therefore, if you allow it, surrounds you as well.
Personally I find it challenging because I am a sucker for romance - meaning: 

Already taking pictures in my first wedding I found out that I have to really really focus at the ceremony or else I am sobbing like a crazy person.
I constantly have to look through the camera and not on the bride as she walks up the aisle.
I have to distance myself!

Once the ceremony is over I most often go in the same car as the couple to our location and I can tell you that that particular feeling is very weird. 
Automatically I want to wave to all the guests as we drive away, but of course I have to take pictures of the happy couple in the backseat in stead....
Corny I know - but I´m thinking it´s a normal psychological feeling?! 

I have added some pictures from a wedding this summer.
What makes these pics so special is that the car belonged to the brides grandfather who passed away some time ago.
And so making this particular scene very personal and heartfelt.
I added both color and black and white - I can´t seem to choose my favourites...

Please feel free to help my by dropping your comment in the comment field:)

November 1, 2011

My first cover?

Okay - so maybe it´s not french Vogue but it is a start?
And I would most certainly consider this a cover? 
Technically at least!

I really like this picture of Ingrid:) 
Press photo for her new TV show.