January 4, 2012


What a year it has been...
I would say one of the most eventful in my life so far.

I have experienced a lot, both good and bad, and I am grateful for both.

Amongst my highlights on a professional note I would like to mention the shoots I had with Atle Pettersen and Tommy Fredvang.
The shoot I had in front of the camera with KK.
The trip I had with Leica, CF Wesenberg and Bjørn Opsahl to Lofoten.
Vixen Blog awards where I was one of the photofinalists and "Norways most loved blog" where I was also a finalist, I did not win in either competitions, but it was nevertheless very fulfilling being nominated.
I became a Nikon blog ambassador.
And the weddings I shot.

On a personal basis I would like to mention a visit to a painter I have always hold very high. Due to privacy reasons I will unfortunately not share his name with you, but for me it was a visit I will NEVER forget and I am so thankful for the opportunity...
He is HUDGE in my eyes and I will always admire him!

My trip to Barcelona.
What a memorable trip it was!

My 30th birthday.
It was a party with the people the people that means the world to me. Lot´s of love and guns (cowboy theme...).

My trip to Paris.
The city of romance never let´s me down!

My trip within.
Extremely personal so I will not share that much I am afraid, but I can tell you this:
I have learned a lot and I have faced many fears. I have changed many of my priorities and I have calmed down. It was needed and the most important trip I have ever done.

I feel more zen than I have ever done and although this is work in progress I see a positive future ahead.
My hopes for 2012 are many, but most of all I hope that you will have a year filled with inner growth and wisdom, tolerance and harmony.
It is okay sometimes just to BE.
I hope you look in the mirror and see that you are perfect just the way you are<3


ps - adding one of my favourite and most personal picks taken in 2011.

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