January 11, 2012

I can no longer hold my tongue...

A dumber society?

There is a lot of focus lately on the superficial.
Do you know that we all support this in one way or another?

We are in the process of accepting a less intellectual society.
There is more and more focus on our exterior and the materialism that surrounds us.
When I hear about a 16-year old that got a Botox shot from her mum as a Christmas gift I have to say that would be my limit!
Where are we expecting this to lead us?
It´s a vicious cycle that has spun out of control.
New reality shows are being presented all the time and they are getting more and more (feel free to fill in what you consider appropriate...)
Did you realise that these people are making millions on their lack of integrity and pride?
Sure there can be positive side effects as well, but at this point I fail in the attempt of mentioning only one...

You have to make money and shit loads at that, to be someone it seems.
What happened to what´s on the inside?
Have we thrown it all away?

You have to dress like this, or work with this, and socialise with these...
Come on!
Where did the brains go?
And the qualities?

It is sad to see that with the problems we are facing today, it is under no circumstance changing for the better.
It is NOT fair that while millions are suffering, you have people like Kim Kardashian making more money in one year than those who suffer will probably make in a lifetime.
And why is she making all these millions?
Because we are letting her.
We are watching her tv shows and buying magazines when she is on the cover.
I don´t mean to attack her in person, but in this particular post she is representing a rather new phenomenon:
The celebrity who is famous for being a celebrity...

I am not judging her in any way, although I realise, it may seem like I am.
What she makes is non of my concern and I am sure she works hard.

In aw, I am a contributing bystander of this new era and watch while they multiply.
I wonder when this trend will turn or if it ever will?

I will also like to point out the bloggers...
According to my sources blogging has been going on for about 8 years in Norway, but it is the past 3-4 years it has really gone big.
We are claiming a position in the written freelance culture that has up to recently been neglected by respected media.
Most of the top bloggers (note I am not one of them) share their lives on a personal basis, which I think is a good thing.
 Young people need role models!
But the problem arises when the most popular blogs write about less intelligent topics like make up, fashion or how to braid your hair.
Seriously, if this had only been parts of the posts, but in many cases it is not...
I am pro all the things I just listed, but when you have a voice, you should also use it to build a better future and society and fairly take your share of the responsibility.
Use your voice to contribute to a wiser and more harmonious future.

Consider this an appeal to the new kind of celebrities and the bloggers:
Use your voice for the greater good, so far I have failed to hear you!
It is in the long perspective we change for the better - it is never done over night.
Create a debate and create a positive butterfly effect.
Reach out to those who need your voice and give them something of value.
It is, and will always be what is on the inside that counts!!

Oh you needed proof?
Here is a small contribution....

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