April 23, 2012

Please complete the circle!

Albert Einstein once said:
"Intelectual growth should commence at birth and cease only at death."

For many days and months now, I have been struggling with the same question... 
Why am I blogging?

My blog, also my baby and sometimes it would seem my life, has been neglected. 
For good reasons - I can assure you. 
The core of my blog has always been based on you, dear reader, and how I could get in touch with you. 
How can one little lady attract loyal readers? 
I wouldn't say I took the lowest road possible, but for some reason it has now become bitter sweet. 
The blog started with the passion I have for photography, but after a while, I am sad to admit that I got caught in the whirlwind of cynicism and stress. 
You have my sincerest apologies...

All of a sudden I realised that I was blogging for all the wrong reasons. Not all for the fame and fortune, but narcissism was knocking on my door and I was at times surrounded by many of the traits that I do not value. 
I know that different personality traits exists and this is what makes the world go around. 
But now, a young lady in the making, I am free to choose what I want in my life and not.
I have chosen the following:

*true friends
*family first
*listen to what is not being said
*inspiring work
*time to breath

And most important:

I am not talking about the love between a man and a woman
(or two men / two women)
I am talking about the love you show your neighbour.
A sincere smile, tolerance and faith that the person next to you is acting out of kindness!

At some point (I am not sure when) I stopped believing... 
When I stopped - I stopped.

And when I stopped I chose to do the following:

I reflected, I looked up, I looked within and I looked around. 
I didnt speak - I listened. 
I observed and I studied.
I studied people, how they communicate and how they talked.
I observed the movements of the birds and I listened to the wind.

Relax - I have not gone coooo cooooo!

But I did need a time out from the life I was living and reconsider my values and how they had changed.

I am a simple girl (I am sure many would disagree on that one;), from a small town.
I usually prefer Mc Donald's before a 5 course meal. 
I prefer pizza over, well, almost over anything.
My pallet is not of the expensive sort and neither is my closet (I guess many would disagree on this one too...), but you see at some point I got caught up in all the glitter.
Dont get me wrong - my eyes are set on a Prada bag, so I am still me (with just a tad of sparkle;)

So after soul searching and revaluation I concluded that as you grow older, wiser and more poised, when you leave your twenties and all it has to offer, you are left with this:
A more reflected soul, IF you would have it!

As I see the light in the tunnel now, the light of enlightenment I am sure I will face new challenges (I sure hope I do) but next time I will face them with greater confidence. 

I think it was Einstein who once said:
"The only reason for time, is so that not everything happens at once."

And so I believe that my circle is more complete and I can give you a deeper version of Annie.
Instead of fighting and shouting for attention, I will trust the message and believe that all good comes to those deserving.

I will continue my message and fight for justice, but above all, I will share my yet biggest love:
Photography and my passion for it<3

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