May 23, 2012

Say hello to love...

I always get so sad when I meet people who's hearts are closed.

They are easy to spot!
Let me give you a couple examples:

It´s the one who desperately want´s to stay single.
It´s the one who doesn't listen.
It´s the one who are more interested in what everyone else is doing. 

I am not restraining this post to romantic love only.
I want to open up for the love that we all have in our hearts<3

To be quite honest it pisses me of!
Because love is all around and these people are missing the purpose of life!

Let me tell you something right now:
The one who is not open for love has an empty soul!

Love is all around
Love is food for the soul 
and love is everywhere

I feel sad because obviously something happened in their lifes that blocked their heart from seeing the truth.
Love can be oh so painful, but most of the time it is oh so beautiful<3

"I see birds flying high
Red roses too
I see them bloom for me and you
And I think to my self:

But maybe we should take some time and think about what love is?
To me love is respect:
Treating people around you like you want to be treated yourself
respecting boundaries and time in the process.
It is not pretending that you are flawless because no one are and being able to forgive and have patience.
It is allowing other ways of thinking and human behaviour.
It is honesty and openness. 

Of course this is all in theory and the practical love is much much harder...

Some time ago I realised that for such a long time I defined my self through others eyes.
Surely this is not love for myself!
It is difficult for me to love myself through my own eyes and I am sure I am not the only one who has this challenge, but I definitely have an open heart!

I believe in the good and I have faced the bad.
I believe that we all have goodness in us and I believe that we all can open up to the love that surrounds us.

Just open your heart because if you don't the day will come when you regret this.
Enjoy friendship, romance and life

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