May 9, 2012

Waclaw Wantuch - the genius!

I LOVE nudes! 
That are classic that is - not porn nudes!
What make nudes porn? And what makes classic nudes?

Is it the lighting, the underwear or is it the angle?
There is a fine line between tasteful and tacky.

I am not sure I can draw the line subjectively, but certainly we share most of the thoughts regarding the matter.

Do you actually have to see the picture to decide?
Or do you have to know the photographers earlier work?

Either way, I have gathered a couple of my favourites from a photographer I find HIGHLY talented!

Not since the late, Helmut Newton, have I seen a photographer capture the essence of the female body in such a delicate and natural way!

Never tacky and always extremely tasteful...
I have always said that the female body is a beautiful temple in any size, shape or at any age. 
It looks to me like Waclaw Wantuch would agree with me. 
This is not "just" photography, this is art.
I find his perspective fascinating and extremely beautiful at the same time. 
He captures different angles and pushes therefore the limit of technical expertise regarding lighting and knowledge of what actually works.
Why this brilliant photographer has not gotten more attention is beyond me, but one thing is for sure:
I am a HUGE fan and I could kill (just almost) for one of his pics on my wall!!!

You can see more of his pictures on his website:

Waclaw - if by any chance this post finds you:
Thank you for your beautiful perspective and pretty please consider donating a picture to my humble crib.
One of your biggest fans -

I have gathered some of my favourites of his work:

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