June 14, 2012

Bryan Ferry Photography

Today, Bryan Ferry himself opened a photo exhibition at Tjuvholmen in Oslo, at the Apartment Gallery.

This is a collaboration with The Thief, he Apartment, Hildring, Atomic Soul and Tjuvholmen.

First you need to know that Bryan Ferry is not the photographer, but the art director of these pictures, meaning that the pictures are of course directed by him and it is his vision.
Second, you need to know that if I had 32.000,- NOK (4.250 Euro) at hand, I would buy the biggest picture of Kate Moss (photo Adam Whitehead) at the blink of an eye!!

My God, what is it about her? 
She is soooooo good at her job!

I have added some pics from the evening below.
Feel free to spread the word about the exhibition - 

14 – 24 June 2012
Tjuvholmen Allé 21, Oslo, Norway.
Tuesday - Thursday: 09.00 – 21.00. Friday: 09.00 – 18.30. Saturday: 09.45 – 17.30. Monday: Closed.

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