June 11, 2012

Guri Solberg!

A long time ago, I took these pics of Guri Solberg, a Norwegian TV host.
I decided it was time to share them with you:)

Looking back there are a few things I would have done different, but Guri is perfect!
If you know my pics, you know that I normally shoot the models in their comfort zone, so that it is a strong collaboration between the model and myself. 
This is one of two times I have used a stylist.
I really like the outfits but I know that fashion pics are not me.
If I should pick a field it would be portraits, and more times than not black&white.
But to find my field of "expertise" I decided to try it all, and I did (well, most areas I would say at least).
If I ever get the chance again, I would photograph her much closer. No effects except make up. 
And in her natural environment.

These pics are so different from the rest of my pics.
First of all they are in colour, but also there is something about the angle that is very atypical me, but I still I like them. 
I cannot be objective when it comes to my pics, only critical.
Crossing my fingers for a "next time" ;)

But one thing I wanted to portray is her strength and her girl power - I really feel that we managed to get it right and I am so glad we did!

Happy Monday peeps <3

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