June 8, 2012

What a week!!!

I have finished my first week as Sales Manager at The Thief Hotel and what a week it has been!!
I am completely exhausted due to all the information that I am trying to fit into my brain... 
Can´t wait for this weekend to start:) 
I will do nothing but relax (yes there will be some work also) and zone out. 

First thing on the agenda: a workout at S.A.T.S! 
Actually I am a bit proud because I actually managed to get a couple of decent workouts before starting work in the morning:) 
The evening will be followed by a pedicure, Mexican food and movies.
Solitude - in the most positive meaning!

I am sorry I have not posted anything the past few days, but throughout the week I have at least taken pictures! 
Maybe boring to some, but for me the female corporate wardrobe is soooooooo much fun and therefore I have a lot of outfit pics. Ladies, we have SO many options!:)
All these pictures have been uploaded to Instagram already, 
so you are more then welcome to follow me there also for a speedier process - my name on Instagram you ask?

I wish you all a great weekend<3

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