February 29, 2012

One love!

I know I have been gone for a while now... 
I decided I would not post anything unless it was of great personal value to me.

I have been working on my perspective and therefore I needed to take a step back.
What is important to me and why? 
Also; what do I want to share with you, my reader.
Wich angle do I want to show you and why?

I have looked back at many of my posts and I stand by my words, but I see now the desperate tone in many of them. In the future I will like to show you more of what is really important to me! Not that the passion for what I do has ever been missing, but I have been running around, chasing a dream that has all the time been right in front of me. I will try to be PRESENT! I am living in this moment and that will be my personal goal to achieve. 
Be present - live in the now! And I hope I can portray this also in my posts...

Last week I fled the country and went to the Caribbean. Two good friends of mine were getting married and I needed some time away.
I spent my days in the Dominican Republic enjoying life to the fullest and reminding myself of how lucky I was to be there. 
The pulse in DR is so different from what it is in Norway. We have so many rules and regulations, no wonder we are more often than not uptight. The Caribbean is all about "mañana, mañana" and people are more tolerant. At least this was my impression! 
To feel the warm breeze caressing my body and to feel the sand between my toes made me suddenly want to move from the cold weather and snow in Norway. 

You have not lived unless you:
- drink a cold Caribbean beer
- pick coconuts from the palm trees
- make new friends 
- open up to another culture and way of living
- drive a scooter in crazy traffic
- eat watermelon with your hands (make a big mess)
- have a barbecue with the locals while listening to Bob Marley
- sit in a back seat of a car with 6 other people
- order room service in the middle of the night because you feel like it
- stay at a 5 star all inclusive resort
- go to a wedding on the beach
- drink a dirty monkey
- have champagne for breakfast
- go to an airport with no walls
- travel by yourself at least once

This is MY history!